By: Julie & Egidio

When we decided to leave a busy townhouse/condo neighborhood in downtown Toronto and move into a less hectic and pleasant city, Ugo was instrumental in getting the right people to look at our townhouse and when we found the house we were looking for in a different city, he was so accommodating in getting us to feel comfortable and secure in the choices we made. He engaged the sellers in a way that made them feel that selling their home to us was the right thing to do. Ugo is very personable and he is someone that you want to do business with. We were very confident in having a trustworthy and honest agent representing us and working on our behalf. The fact that Ugo was very knowledgeable and professional, allowed us to obtain the right price for both buying and selling.

By: Ivor C. Langston

I have known and had the pleasure of dealing with Mr Ugo Bulgaretti for several years and have always found him to be very honest and forth right in any of our business dealings. Always ready to suggest an alternative approach when dealing with difficult situations, Ugo's personality and his business professionalism makes it a pleasure to conduct business with him. His down to earth and pleasant approach I believe makes Ugo a natural salesman. Having owned successfull High Tech Electronic manufacturing company myself for over 30 years and dealt with many individuals. It gives one a beath of fresh air when you meet and conduct business with a professional and sincere person as Ugo.

By: Evelina & Parie

After selling our home in Toronto we turned to Ugo to help us find a new home. Our goal was to find an affordable home and be able to coordinate both closing dates. From the beginning, it was clear that Ugo was an knowledgeable professional who took the time to clearly understand our needs, provide valuable ongoing advice and guide us through the process. We viewed a variety of homes and eventually found "THE ONE". Once we found the home we wanted, Ugo helped us negotiate a deal that met our needs both in price and timeline. He worked diligently for us and provided unparalleled service from day one until we moved into our beautiful new home. We would highly recommend Ugo to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling their home. His work ethic and honesty is unmatched in today's market.

By: Raymond & Carla

We have known Ugo for over 5 years and when it came time to selling our existing house and buying our next one, we didn’t think twice about asking him to represent our interests. This was the 1st time we worked with Ugo on a business level. Early on it was evident that he was well educated in real estate, the market and was extremely hard working. Anything he was unsure about or didn’t know was quickly researched and an answer or explanation was provided. Every step along the way Ugo went the extra mile to make sure everything was on track to sell our house and purchase a new one within our timeline. He emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel very secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. Ugo is a true professional in every sense of the word and puts his clients interests far above his own. We would highly recommend Ugo for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one. His in-depth knowledge and honesty is unprecedented in the real estate industry. This sets him apart from the others.

By: Mark and Heather

When it was time to sell our house in Richmond Hill and move to a rural property, Ugo was an obvious choice for us. We spoke with a real estate agent before we asked Ugo to take on the task and it was obvious that the senior agent with the track record of selling property fast wasn't the way we wanted to go. Unfortunately most agents simply drop the price, make the quick sale, get their commission and move on. We knew that properties on our street were in demand and didn't accept the "sell it quick" tactics of the first agent. In the end our house DID sell quickly when Ugo took over. The additional money that we got for the property more than paid the real estate fees. To top it off Ugo pointed out problems with the gas system in the new house and helped us to correct the situation after he had finished with all of the buy and sell transactions. In fact a licensed gas technician came to our house and pointed out all of the problems that we had and Ugo never sent us a bill for the time. In the end we sold our property quickly at a price which was above the “going rate” on our street. Ugo found a rural property that fit our needs and he made sure that everything was right before he cashed his cheque and moved on. Ugo was a pleasure to work with. If we sell in the future he will be our agent.

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